A Vision, a Plan, and the Experience to Make it Happen!

Fight for jobs and businesses!
• Provide incentives to encourage new business in our community.
• Create jobs and workforce Training opportunities for residents.
• Help bring business to the area by cutting the red tape and streamlining
the business process.
• Recruit retail, dining establishments and other businesses to Unser Crossing
and Las Estancias developments.

Build a safe and healthy community!
• Work with neighborhoods to build parks, improve streets, roads and
develop more beautification projects.
• Identify solutions for the aging and overburdened sewer system and treatment
facilities that impact our area.
• Partner with area fire and police stations to address the needs
and concerns of our neighborhoods to promote accountability and public confidence.
• Develop a “Connecting Communities” initiative to link neighbors together
and build a neighborhood support network.

Provide a great education for every child!
• Strengthen community and school partnerships to increase graduation rates.
• Support to increase programs and initiatives that support the whole family.
• Work with schools, business and community organizations to
expand stay in school, and college access programs.
• Expand high school diploma completion programs for everybody.